Affordable Homes for America’s Workers

Our Investment Criteria

We’ve analyzed thousands of deals and have perfected our investment criteria to identify attractive, risk-adjusted opportunities that we can predictably execute.

  • Each property has a minimum of 25-35% equity
  • Homes must be affordable for first time home buyers ($150k-350k ARV)
  • Properties must have 3-5 comps that justify the ARV (after repair value)
  • Properties must achieve a minimum 1.3% DSCR
  • Properties must be within 90 minutes of Charlotte and in a growing suburb
  • Renovations must be below 50% of the ARV
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Our Guiding Principles

We earn high yield, low risk returns

We have consistently grown our portfolio through prudent asset selection and management.

We acquire discounted properties

We purchase properties that are 65%-80% of market value in gentrifying neighborhoods.

We add value through renovations

Using our experience as general contractors and network of sub-contractors, we save 30-50% on rehabs.

We sell or refinance the property

Every property has multiple exit strategies.

Interested in Working With Us?

Whether your a community bank, a general contractor, a wholesaler, or a retiring landlord, we’d love to connect with you and share our story.